March 3, 2020

Another year older. Thank the Lord! On the 25th of February, I turned 32. Usually, for my birthday, I’m super excited and really looking forward to it. In all honestly, I start thinking about my birthday after Christmas, realizing that I’ll be older in less than 2 months and kind of mentally preparing myself to enter into a new number. This year, I didn’t do that. Life has been all-consuming with my three kiddos and I didn’t give it much thought.

I am a true believer in celebrating all things and my birthday is no exception. Back when it was just my husband and me, we would go on a weekend trip somewhere – usually KC or St. Louis. Those were the best! Doing one of my favorite things, traveling, with my favorite person. Then we had kids and slowed our roll on those trips. Fortunately, I’m so blessed that I have a husband that takes out time to make me feel special whether or not it’s my birthday.

Maybe I didn’t think about it because of having a third child but it wasn’t until around Valentine’s Day that it dawned on me that my birthday was quickly approaching. And to be honest, I wasn’t that excited. Usually, I could care less about what number I’m turning. It wasn’t a big deal when I turned 25. I was excited to turn 30 since mentally I was over my 20s and ready for something new. It might be due to the fact that by 32 you are IN your thirties, not just arriving. It was a little shocking for me. (Not that 32 is old. IT’S NOT! When it comes to numbers you are always older and younger than someone. It’s all perspective.)

Lately, in my sphere, I’ve known several people that have had loved ones unexpectedly pass away which has reminded me that life is short, nothing is guaranteed and aging is a privilege. We can plan for forever but then life happens and that can include many a curveball. The most important things are letting those close to you know how much you care for them. So on the day of my birthday, which went by entirely too fast, I tried to savor being with my family and birthday wishes. It’s always nice to know that someone is thinking of you and I had all that and then some. Not to mention that my husband and kids made, hid, and surprised me with a cake they made. I was out of the house the night before but still had no idea that they did this. (My husband assured me that the cake was somewhere in our kitchen.)

So here’s to 32! May there be new adventures, completing some goals, great memories, and lots of laughter all while appreciating all that life has to offer.

A picture of my cake that my family made me. My daughter decorated the right side to look like a unicorn horn and my son decorated the left side to look like a Pokemon. So sweet!