February 25, 2021

Happy Birthday to me! 🥳 Today I am 33 years old. To put it simply, I am grateful. The last year has changed and stretched me in ways that I never thought possible and I feel blessed to be where I am. I’ve become exceedingly aware that each day is not promised and I’m thankful that I get to see another year and celebrate being alive.

Leading up to February 25th, 2020, I was freaking out. Something about turning 32 was scary to me. I put on a brave face but internally I was really distraught. I would officially be “in my thirties” no longer a new arrival to the decade. By no means did I want to go back to my twenties but 29 sounded like a much better number to me than 32. A couple of days after my birthday I made peace with my age but not after being incredibly sad.

This year I don’t have the same disappointment over my age. I am thrilled to be turning 33. My mindset has shifted and I no longer dread it but welcome it and what it means. I have 33 years of knowledge and life experience. I am the most grown-up at this point in time that I have ever been and I’m proud of that.

When I turned 32, I was also struggling with coming into my own. My youngest child was 6 months old. My oldest was a kindergartner and I was adjusting to having an elementary school child and all that comes with it i.e. helping with homework assignments and little projects. I was coming out of the fog of sleep deprivation and finding my footing as a mother of three.

Fast forward to today and I’ve done so many things I’d never imagined. Stayed home for long periods of time. Taken care of my kids by myself without breaks. Grown into a deeper level of love and commitment with my husband. Homeschooled my kids. Gone deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Put a pause on my social gatherings. Made so many memories within my household. Got into a regular exercise routine and cooked/baked all the things including a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Over the last year, I have learned to find peace within myself. I’ve continued to come to a place of contentment. Not only with the parts of me that are in full bloom but also the parts of me that are messy and healing. I am learning to be okay with the present version of myself which can be hard for me at times but I’m getting there.

The world was a lot different last year. I know everyone that has had a birthday between now and the start of the pandemic has dealt with some sort of adjustment to their usual birthday plans. Pre-kids my husband and I used to go on a trip to celebrate. Nothing too fancy but we would shake off our schedules and relax. Explore our surroundings, and usually watching a good amount of HGTV or poker among other things.

Last year, I went out to several restaurants with family and got together with friends. Although how I celebrate may be different this year – a game of Mario Party on Nintendo Switch with the family and eating my favorite foods all day sound good – I am no less appreciative for more time on this earth to live. 💖 Cheers to another year where I get the privilege of learning and growth. 🥂