Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

October 26, 2017

In my teens and up until my mid 20’s, I was a bit of a naive push over. I’ll admit it. I wanted to make friends with everyone and be likable. Most people I can win over and I still consider myself a nice, friendly person. That being said, over the last few years, I’ve had a few personal revelations on the subject of friendship.

First of all, I’m not going to be everyone’s friend. FACT. Some people won’t like me because of the way I look, what I believe or what I like. Some folks are jealous and just want me to fail. Others have the most ugly bitterness and hatred in their hearts and won’t like me no matter what I do. They pride themselves in tearing other people down. That’s fine. I am not responsible for them or what they think about me. I’m responsible for myself, how I carry myself, and how I interact with others.

I can’t let someone’s opinion of me take away my joy or sense of purpose in what I’m doing. Such is life. Not everyone is going to approve of what you do and most are not short on opinions, especially the negative ones.

I love God, my family and my friends fiercely. I also love meeting new people and building quality relationships. I enjoy reading, This Is Us, Ted Talks, British TV and being frugal (cheap 😂). I wouldn’t change who I am for anything. I’m also not going to judge anyone because of what they believe, look like or enjoy. I try to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

In the age of social media, which promotes self and a “look at me” culture, our society is caught up with being constantly entertained. So much so that we are under the guise that we may say whatever we want about whomever we please, whether positive or negative. Some use their thumbs to say things their mouths would never dare utter in person. It’s important to remember that do unto others as you’d have them do into you isn’t void just because of smart phones and technology. Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue and take the high road. The streets are cleaner there anyway.💁🏿

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.