Date Night Done Right

February 14, 2018

I’ve written about this before but in honor of Valentine’s Day today, I feel this is a subject worth revisiting. I am such a big believer in date night for married people. This June marks my 10 year wedding anniversary with my best friend and although marriage is not always easy (understatement of the year πŸ€ͺ) it is one of the most rewarding relationships of my life.

If marriage is meant to be such a fulfilling endeavor then why are married folks neglecting it? To be honest, it’s probably the effort. Everything worth having takes work. A nice body is probably going to take some exercise or work. Well behaved children take discipline and effort which is definitely work. Paying bills takes work. Bringing a child into the world is called labor. That is LITERALLY a synonym for work! But work shouldn’t be a deterrent but a motivator.

I shared the following thoughts on dating your spouse last year on my blog and I stand by them 100%. Here’s a snippet:

“Date nights in my opinion are essential, ESPECIALLY if you have a child. Practically required if you have more than one child and are crazy busy. There are a bunch of reasons not to do it; I’m aware. Finding childcare, the cost of childcare, being crazy busy, having a million other things that are “more productive” to do, planning said “date night” etc. For me, nothing is more important than the investment in my marriage.”

After my children are grown and have moved out, I want to look at my husband with excitement about the future of it being just the two of us again. Not dread or confusion because our kids are gone and we don’t know where to go from here. (Don’t worry. I’m not trying to rush my 3 and 1 year old out of the house just yet. πŸ˜‰)

The other day my man and I talked about how we don’t really remember what life was like before our son was born. What did we do with all that free time? I don’t miss that period of my life but I do look forward to reliving it again on date night. Just to enjoy each other’s company kid free. The picture in this blog is from an event that I won tickets to off the radio but our dates are not always this fancy. Maybe you and your spouse, if you’re married, aren’t in to going out. Stay in! Order food or cook together. Maybe evenings are a busy time for you. Meet up together for lunch! Do something that you both enjoy. Talk about something other than the kids. Whatever “us” is for you in your relationship, do it! Don’t forget to put the phone away. (At least I have to, I’m hooked. πŸ“΅)

This Valentine’s Day, make some special time for your person. It doesn’t even have to be on Valentine’s Day. This year we’re going out to see Black Panther tomorrow and then going out for dessert afterward. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŽ₯πŸ’– If you know us personally, then you know we like Marvel movies and ice cream so this is right up our alley. We’re overdue for a date night and I couldn’t be more excited. 😍

So come on people. It does take effort but it’s worth it. Get out there & start dating!!!

Do you guys do date night? What’s your go to? I’m always looking for new ideas. Comment below!