Dear Multilevel Marketer

December 20, 2017

A couple months ago, I wrote an open letter to a mom at Aldi. This is another letter I’ve wanted to write to Multilevel Marketers, those signed up as retailers of specialty products that can only be sold by selling said product under a person that is selling a product under a person etc. Hope you, the reader, enjoys it. 😘

Dear Multilevel Marketer,

I see you on my social media talking about how great the specialty product you’re selling is and how much it has revolutionized a particular area of your life. That the way you prepare meals, get ready in the morning, entertain, and maintain a healthy lifestyle has never been the same because of the product you are selling. Some of you are getting a bad rap, while others are deserving of the disdain and eye roll that comes to mind when the phrase “multilevel marketing” is mentioned.

While all of you [hopefully] believe in your products, some of you are handling yourselves in a better, less annoying way than others. Some of you are doing this as a means to support your family, achieve a dream, make a financial goal, gain additional income, and make a difference in your social community through the benefits of the items you are selling. Although you are a multilevel marketer, and mention the product you are selling on social media, you continue to post about other things that are important to you. Your children. Your spouse. The vacation you just took with your family. Your pet. You’re a hustler. I appreciate and respect you for having a business but not doing it to the point where it is irritating to others.Β The tiresome analogous retailers are another matter.

There are some brand merchants that will continue to promote their wares at any cost. I have unfollowed you on social media and no longer look at your posts. Like the first group of salespeople, you have a product you believe in and want to sell; however, you go to the extreme. You may be at a higher level of sales and achieve multiple awards from your company as a result. Maybe you have won a trip or earned a special brand of vehicle for your sales achievements. Everyone knows about this because you won’t stop posting about it. πŸ™„

You aren’t interested in making new relationships, at least I can’t tell by your social media feed. Your postings usually end with phrases like, “contact me for more info” or “message me if you’re interested”. In public you alude to your business in social settings but get names and phone numbers only to harass your potential clients and underlings until they give in to your demonstrations. Yes social media can be a tool for a business but you are exhausting it and then some. You may not realize this but some people have distanced themselves from you because of how hard you are trying to get their money. You don’t care about other people, at least not obviously, and will ultimately shrink your inner circle as your quest for sales continue. You are what the slang term “extra”, meaning dramatic, refers to. Let me use it in a sentence for you. That multilevel marketer with all of their social media posts and contacting me in the name of their business is so extra, I can’t handle it anymore. You need to calm down. The last time I checked, these products are not necessary to lead a successful life and you need to stop acting as such. But no worries, you don’t have to take my advice. Folks will just continue to distance themselves from you as you pimp your product all in the name of earning the next company achievement.


A semi-annoyed consumer

I would’ve been fully annoyed if I hadn’t stopped talking to you/following your on social media a while ago. 😏




I’m thinking about doing this on a more regular basis, so if there’s someone/group of people that is deserving of an open letter, let me know via comment or direct message and I may write them a letter.