Frugal Family Fun: Summer ’19

May 30, 2019

Memorial Day has come and gone and June is right around the corner. It’s unofficially summer! If you are a parent, you may be asking yourself, what can I do with my kids this summer? Or if you’re like me, what can I do with my kids ON THE CHEAP this summer?! Well, look no further! Here’s my list of family fun in and around Springfield, Missouri that will save you some coins.

Since I’m pregnant with my third baby, I’m more interested in activities where I don’t have to chase my kids around and can stay cool so this is my 2019 edition. I did a similar blog post last year that has a few different options so be sure and read that here if you haven’t already.

Water Fun:

The Fountains at Jordan Valley Park

This is one of my favorite places to take the kids during the summer although I don’t want to waddle after them solo. It’s free and a great way to beat the heat. I always make sure I bring water shoes for my littles so that they have good traction climbing the bricks near the “waterfall” portion.

The Backyard

In reality, this is probably where you’ll find me the majority of the summer. Nothing beats our kiddie pool and sprinkler. I also got a water table last fall at a yard sale which is proving to be the best $5 investment that I could have made. As fun as it can be going out and about this summer, I’m all for keeping it simple in the backyard.

Looking forward to making more memories like this from last summer.

The Movies:

You may be rolling your eyes thinking wait, I thought you said this was going to be cheap. I did! These days I’m not willing to see a 1st run movie unless it’s something I’m really interested in. My son is almost 5 and has been to two first-run movies -Lego Movie 2 and Despicable Me 3- and although he’s enjoyed those he really likes watching them at home. My daughter can get pretty chatty and you know they don’t rewind in the theater. However there are a few opportunities to see a movie and beat the heat.

Moxie Mornings

A mouth full of popcorn and a balloon at one of Moxie Mornings past.

First off, have you been to The Moxie in downtown Springfield?! You should go. Even though we don’t see as many as we used to, my husband and I love going to the movies. The Moxie is known for showing more independent films. We’ve been to several movies there and always have a good time. But I digress. Moxie Mornings are “hour-long kid-friendly events” (swiped that quote from their website 😊) that present short films and crafts. They are geared for kiddos ages 2-6 and it’s FREE. You can also buy popcorn and drinks while you’re there. Be sure and get there early because the seats fill up fast. It’s a great way to expose your kiddos to things they haven’t seen before as well as do an activity with them. Find all the Moxie Mornings dates here!

Ozarks B&B Summer Kids Series

If you are looking for some more well-known titles, check out the Summer Kids Series at the Ozark B&B in Ozark, Missouri.  It’s $3 per person and features everything from the first Secret Life of Pets and Trolls to Shrek. Find all of the films and dates they are showing here.

Founders Park Movies

I should preface this by saying I haven’t done this in years and will probably skip this summer with my kids but if you are looking for a fun date night or family outing be sure and visit the Movies at Founders Park in downtown Springfield. The movies begin at dusk and may be delayed or canceled if it rains. They have concessions available for purchase but you can also bring your own food. I’m pretty sure it’s free but I couldn’t find that anywhere in writing so you might want to call the Springfield Park Board and check on the price.

For all the films and dates click here.

The Library

I mentioned this last year but it’s worth re-mentioning. If you know me then you know that I love books and I’m trying to instill a love of books in my children as well. Not only reading to them but showing them that I like to read too. The Library has a summer reading program with game boards to track progress and they can earn free stuff. You can register online for the summer reading program here.

Black & Blue Berry Farm

Black And Blue Berry Farm was one of our favorite spots last summer and we can’t wait to go back!

Our family visited Black and Blue Berry Farm last year and we had a blast. Don’t ask me why a Chicago girl is obsessed with picking fruits but I am.  The ambiance of Black & Blue Berry Farm in Rogersville, Missouri is super neat with a barn and a few picturesque benches that make for great photos. My favorite part though is the ice cream. That alone is worth the visit. I believe they will open in mid-June but check here for an official date.

What do you guys like to do during the summer months with your families? Do you tend to go out or have your own fun at home?

Let me know in the comments!