Grateful for Life

September 11, 2020

I think we can agree that 2020 has had its fair share of hardships. There were times this year that I felt hopeless, distraught, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and discouraged. But I’m so appreciative that I’ve found ways to cope with the uncertainty of this year and find peace.

Another thing I’ve learned is that life is not guaranteed. On some level, I already knew this but the last month has been a brutal reminder of that. I have known several people that have lost loved ones unexpectedly, including a high school classmate whose husband passed away, leaving behind her and their one-year-old son. 💔 Earlier this week I found out about another former classmate of mine that passed away after being stabbed where she worked. 💔💔💔

Life is not promised. There is no guarantee that you will see the sunrise again. I feel that I am more aware of the fragility of existence than ever before. I am a planner by nature but I am continually learning to be flexible and be mindful. What can I do to make the most of today? Anything can happen. Did I tell my husband and children that I love them? Did I hug and kiss them? Was I kind today? I think I’ve sent more random thinking of you texts this year than I ever have before. I want people to know that they are on my mind and I love them.

When Chadwick Boseman passed recently, it hit me hard. For me, the movie Black Panther was a new way for Black people to be seen. I wrote a blog post about it after it was released (the only movie review I’ve ever done on my page) because I was so moved by it. His death and private battle with colon cancer remind me that you never know what people are going through. And considering the privacy of his health issue, it is also a reminder to think about who you are surrounding yourself with. Are they trustworthy people? Can they keep your secrets?

I challenge you to reach out to people you love. Kindness is important; show it whenever possible. Let those in your inner circle know how important they are to you. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Write a note. Send a text. Pick up the phone. Reach out. People need to know that you care.

Are you mindful of connecting with others? How do you show that you care? Tell me in the comments. Love each and every one of you and thank you for reading. ❤️