May 3, 2019

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I think it’s so important to take time to honor the mom or mother figure/s in your life not to mention be celebrated if you are a mother. Last year, I created a Mother’s Day Gift guide so be sure and check out that post if you’re needing some gift ideas. As a mom for nearly 5 years, I know just as much as any other mama that it’s not easy. I’ve been staying at home with my kiddos even before my son was born and though it’s rewarding, it can be tough sometimes or just plain hard. To clarify there’s no competition between stay-at-home or working inside/outside the home moms in my book. Parenting is parenting and raising a baby (without instructions) into a hopefully competent, caring, and productive member of society is no easy feat.

One thing I know that has made motherhood easier, is being honest and laughing. In the age of social media, it’s tempting to present the idea that everything’s perfect. I know for me my accounts are mostly highlight reels. Even though I do put myself out there in different ways – like this blog or sharing photos – I am pretty leery of who I share my real life and struggles with. Lord knows that not everyone is for you, but I digress. My point is that when things happen that aren’t ideal, I try to have a good attitude. Like when my daughter filled her diaper pail with clean diapers yesterday. 🙄 A LOT of clean diapers along with the dirty ones that were already at the bottom of it. I spent some time digging through the pail pulling out all the clean ones. (I’m not going to waste money!!!) Instead of getting all upset at her, I just told her don’t do that again. She’s two years old and ranting and raving will do nothing. It seems as I try to clean up one area of my home, my daughter is in another part of our house wreaking havoc. My little undo-er as I like to call her. But it’s times like these where it helps to be flexible and just laugh even though I may be exhausted, short on patience, at my wits-end or all of the above.

That’s one of the reasons I love the comedians Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of #IMOMSOHARD and their new book with the same name. I first heard of them about two years ago around when their infamous swimsuit video went viral. It compared what dads wear to the beach vs what moms wear to the beach. It gave me a hardy laugh and I shared it with a bunch of my mom friends. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can watch it below.

If you need a laugh this is a must see!

Hensley & Smedley have such an art for being honest to the point of hilarity when it comes to motherhood. They are both originally from Nebraska and even though they knew a lot of the same people while living in the state, didn’t connect until they were pursuing careers in Los Angeles years after they’d moved away from the Midwest. You can tell that they love being mothers and are thankful for it but sometimes you just have to be honest about what it REALLY entails. Lack of sleep, lack privacy, and lack of sanity (on both you and your children’s part). That it not only affects you and the core of who you are but also your relationship with your husband.

I think I read their book in about a two week time span. It was an easy read. Usually, I tend to read a lot of self-help and biographical books – which I guess this could fall into the latter category – but it was nice to just read something just for fun. Their book made me laugh. With chapter titles like I Lose My Mind So Hard, I Keep Fools Alive So Hard and I Do Sexy Stuff So Hard, you’ll be chuckling as well. Hensley & Smedley not only cover topics like cooking and fashion (Jen enjoyed cooking -pre-kids and has a love for shiny things while Kristin is not enthused on either of those topics) but also postpartum depression, miscarriage, and marital trials. It was so refreshing! I often times found myself thinking, I can relate to this, that’s so me, or I’ve totally been there.

I’m so thankful that I have this kind of support in my real life group of mom friends but I know that this is not true for everyone. Motherhood can be isolating. You’re so busy taking care of and investing in other people, it can be hard to find time for your friends. I highly recommend this book. There’s also an audio-version which I’m sure is hilarious. This would be a great gift for a fellow mama needing a laugh or something for yourself. Personally, I checked this book out from the library so don’t let money be a reason not to read it. And if you’re deep in the trenches of motherhood with little ones and don’t have time to read a book right now, lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes, check out their youtube page and laugh. 😆

Also, they’re going on tour this summer so click here for tour dates. If you live in Missouri, they’re coming to St. Louis in July. It’s about a couple of weeks before my due date otherwise, I’d be there.

I want to hear from you guys. Tell me some of your funny mom moment stories. Let’s laugh. ❤️