Kristin Kessinger – Women in Business

December 6, 2018

The launch of this series is finally here! I’m so excited to introduce you to my first friend and lady boss, Kristin Kessinger, and her art business, K+K Atelier. She recently launched it a few months ago and is already making strides in the art world. A little background on Kristin. She was born and raised in Springfield, MO and has been married to her husband John for 12 years. Fun fact: they met back in high school. ❤️ She is also a mom to their 3 boys, Drew, age 8, Felix, age 6 and Oliver, age 3. Her family also takes care of her 83-year-old grandmother who has Parkinson’s disease.

Kristin has been painting her entire life but says she never seriously considered it until it “piqued the interest of others”. She was inspired to start her business because even though she’s very busy it was a productive outlet for her. Kristin explains, “After reading a couple of books by Brene’ Brown and Rachel Hollis, I decided that I should stop making excuses and start feeding my creative side again to help with anxiety and depression. I finished a children’s book I had been working on for a long time and painting was also on my list of things I love, so I bought some acrylics and just started painting. ”

After Kristin posted the first painting on social media she was amazed at the response. Although she was unsure if anyone would be interested she was pleasantly surprised. “I went into a store in downtown Nixa [Missouri] that sells arts and crafts by local artists called Main Corner Mercantile just to ask questions and they accepted my work after just seeing it on my phone. I was just elated. I have had some interest in prints already and have sold a few originals which is just the best feeling.”

Kristin is also a hair stylist but found it difficult to work traditional hours as she needed someone to stay home with her grandmother and children. Painting gives her a flexible schedule and also allows her to show off her creativity.

As far as how she decides on what to paint she says, “Mostly, I just sit down and see what comes out of my brain!”.

She is in the early stages with K-K Atelier (pronounced Ata-Lee-A). The name is a combination of her initials and the French word for a studio but has been dreaming about opening her own business and stepping outside of her comfort zone. “I feel like God opened this door for me and has been preparing me to be brave enough to give it a try,” says Kristin of her business.  “Even if it doesn’t work out, in the end, I have this paradoxical peace in the middle of all my fears that this is what I am supposed to be doing right now. Honestly, I am not a natural risk taker and I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I feel like a fish out of water that is being provided some sort of air scuba gear in the form of encouraging friends and family!”

Her art pieces are absolutely STUNNING! I already told her that once my home remodel is further along, I’ll be purchasing a custom work or two for my home. (Not to mention it would make a lovely Christmas gift. 😍🎁)

To see more of her artistic productions visit her platforms on social media. If you are interested in purchasing one of her custom art pieces, you can contact her at K+K Atelier via direct message on Facebook and Instagram. She is hoping to have a website next year where her art could be purchased online. She is also hoping to “feature and sell other local artists’ work” and “be able to have a pop-up shop set up for markets and craft fairs as my schedule allows” in 2019 as well.

With her new endeavor she says, “… in moments I feel very vulnerable and scared, but that is always been the case in the moments where I have learned the best things about life. I am excited for whatever this experience brings and am just trying to do my best to follow my heart.”