Land of Spills

December 13, 2017

So I was going to write a blog called “Savor the Season” about enjoying the holidays wherever you are in your life. I already envisioned a photo of my children looking up lovingly at our Christmas tree as the warm lights shine in their eyes. I tried to take some photos like this of the kids last week to no avail. So I decided to write the following post instead. The last thing I want to do on my blog is be inauthentic. I’ll leave that picture perfect blog to someone else.

Where I am in my life is the land of spills. With two kiddos under age 4, there are splatters of water, apple juice, milk & cereal often, not to mention a 1 year old who has a deceivingly far grasp for things that we try to keep out of her reach. When one of my brother’s in law was a stay at home dad, he would jokingly refer to the spill report with his 3 kids under 8 at the time. Accidents, spills and messes are just par for the course when raising young children.

Exhibit A: today’s blog picture. A couple week ago, I thought it was safe to go to the bathroom by myself. I put on a children’s program to get a few things done and when my nuggets seemed enthralled, I made a break for it. To my dismay, I returned to the following picture. I had a few emotional options: get upset, cry, laugh and move one. I chose to laugh, take some pictures and clean it up. I know these days with my little ones are fleeting.

Sometimes I dream of a day when there are minimal accidents and my children can be more independent but then I realize what comes along with all of that luxury is bigger kids who don’t need me as much anymore. Is that bad?  Not at all. Are little kids a lot of work? Of course but they are also loving and squishy with baby fat as well as frequent huggers – at least mine our anyway. Not to mention they’re not embarrassed of me yet, although my 3 and a 1/2 year old has been telling me to stop singing lately so maybe that part is already starting.

My friends that have older children and survived the teenage years, have told me as physically exhausting as youngsters can be, their older years can be wearing emotionally. Wondering if they are alright or who they are spending time with. At this point in time, I’m not ready for all the extra emotional energy, although who really is. I’ll keep my life in all of it’s messy, endearing glory. The days are long but the years are far too short.