Living Those Vows

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️✨ I love an excuse to celebrate anything so as cheesy and manufactured as Valentine’s Day is, I’m here for it. Our day started romantically with the shrill cries of one of our littles at 4:30 am. 😴 My husband and I have been in the “thick of it” lately. Whether it’s been making home remodel decisions or parenting choices, most of our “kid free time” has been focused on some sort of problem-solving.

One thing I’ve realized about marriage is that it’s so important to support one another, communicate and be honest. Looking back on our 10+ years of marriage, we’ve been through some obstacles. Then once you have children, your everyday lifestyle is adjusted as caring for a little one is high on a lengthened list of priorities.

Marriage and weddings are not equal – at least in my eyes. In American culture, I feel that sometimes there is a misconception that the strength of a new marriage is equal to how ornate the wedding is. Back when I got married Pinterest wasn’t invented. 😆 As a 20-year-old bride, I was never one that’s been into decorations or thought about what I wanted my wedding day to be like. I knew I wanted a few things like a simple dress but other than that I was good. We also paid for our own wedding which put us on a strict budget. I knew I’d found my guy and marrying him is high on my “best decisions I’ve ever made” list. (Hopefully, I don’t sound like a cynical wedding basher. I LOVE weddings and celebrating others, the fancy little details, and the cake. Oh, the cake. 😋. ) Looking back on our wedding photos, I chuckle because it looks like we got married in the 1980s instead of late 2000s. (SO. MUCH. SKY. BLUE. 😶🤣)

I know now that our marital strength has been built in the quiet moments of trusting God and one another in our decisions. In the everyday routine of making meals, cleaning up and taking care of each other when we’re sick (he’s a much better nurse than me). In the sacrifice of putting each other first daily. I’m no expert on marriage but I do know what has worked for us and our longevity along with the fact that he’s still my best friend and my true love even if that doesn’t always mean fancy dates. (Although you guys know, I LOVE dates.)

So this Valentine’s Day, although I am looking forward to our rain checked plans, I’m more excited to just do life with my husband. As tough as this season has been -can we get a break from problem-solving?- , I can see that we’re still honoring, working and living those vows. For that I am grateful. 💌