Love Yourself

February 1, 2018

We’ve now entered the month of love! A time to buy gifts and show our spouses/significant others how much we appreciate them. I’ve even had some friends of mine that go on “family dates” to include their children on Valentine’s Day. If you’re expecting to me to rant about how overrated Valentine’s Day is, you’ll be disappointed. Yes, it can be a way for companies to get more money but I love any excuse for time alone with my husband and presents! But in all of this focus on others, when is the last time you truly loved and focused on yourself.

In today’s world, we -people in general- are so busy and our time can get so diversified that we -women- often put ourselves on the back burner. In the last few years “self love” has been a buzz word that you see everywhere but what does it really mean? For some, it means doing something nice for yourself. To others it means building self-esteem. For me personally, I think it involves both of those things as well as truly loving yourself on the inside.

In my own personal journey to work on my inner fitness, I read Journey to Self Love by Melissa Fredericks. ( I wish I made up the term “inner fitness” but I first heard it from actress Tina Lifford. She has a whole movement regarding bettering yourself. If you’re interested in that, Goggle her!) I shared some of my insecurities in my last blog but it goes deeper than that.

I’ve dealt with my own struggles of wondering if I’m pretty enough or I would be happier if -insert body part- was bigger or smaller but the truth is, even if I got my wish and changed one thing, I would be unhappy with something else. If you’ve ever struggled with any insecurities and want to overcome them, I highly recommend you check out this book. Melissa shares how she overcame her bouts of low self-esteem from the inside out and has practical advice for women.

Her book is split up into different “campaigns” as she calls them or “focused period of time that [she] dedicate[d] to ‘loving-on’ on a particular area” of herself with subcategories pertaining to each campaign. The book is a quick read which I’ve already read twice this year but still full of knowledge! It will definitely helped encourage me with practical application and scripture references [🙌🏾 ✝️] to inspire me to love myself more.

In all the busyness of the daily female life remember to take some time for you! Maybe that’s a refreshing walk, manicure & pedicure, writing down your thoughts – whatever you enjoy- don’t forget about yourself! Speak positive affirmations over yourself. Do a little something to celebrate you. You’re worth it! 🎉


“The moment a woman feels better she automatically becomes a better woman to those around her.”- Melissa Fredericks, Journey to Self Love