#Minsgame: Week 2

November 16, 2018

Today is November 16th which means we are a little over halfway through November and also more than halfway through The Minimalism Game. To recap, The Minimalism Game (or #minsgame) is played by getting rid of an item in accordance with the day of the month. Today is the 16th so if you were playing, you would get rid of 16 items today and have eliminated 136 items from your home so far. These items can be donated, thrown away or sold. Overall your home will be 465 items lighter. 😲😀

Currently, Melannie and I are still playing but we’ll see if we “win” i.e. get rid of 465 items in 30 days. Here’s her take so far.


Jasmine: How did the challenge go for you this past week?

Melannie: [The second] week was still pretty easy to do.

J: Is week two harder or easier than you expected?

M: It was about what I expected, but realized I’m probably not going to make it through the month.

J: Are you having a hard time getting rid of items?

M: I’m not having a hard time getting rid of items, I’m having a hard time finding items to get rid of. We moved in July so I spent many [months] prior to that getting rid of stuff.

J: So far would you recommend this challenge?

M: I would recommend this challenge to everyone, especially those that have a hard time getting rid of things. It helps that the challenge progresses so it gives you time to think of what else you can eliminate.

J: Do you think that you will win the challenge? Why or why not?

M: No, I don’t think I’ll win because I am to the point where I use everything I have. I will fight it to the end though, so maybe a miracle will happen. 😄


As for me, I will say that I’m needing to get a bit more creative in where I look to find things to get rid of. Most of my items that were in plain sight are gone and I’ve found myself digging through drawers in the bathroom or even cleaning out my car the other day to find something else to eliminate. I’m not sure that I will complete the challenge in its entirety but I will continue to try my best. I have a few bigger things that I’m getting rid of this week so we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re participating in this challenge, I’d love to hear how the first half of your experience has been. Any unorthodox places that you’ve searched through to find an item? If you’d like to follow along with the game daily or are curious about what things that I’ve gotten rid of, check out my highlight story on Instagram or the Laughs Loud Often Facebook page. Be sure to follow and like them while you’re there. 😉♥️