Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 8, 2018

Mother’s Day is 5 days away and maybe you’ve already purchased a special gift and/or card. Maybe the mom in your life has said no gifts this year and REALLY meant it. (I’m not one of these mom’s; I like presents.🙃) But if your resident mom enjoys gifts and you are at a loss for what to do, here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide for a little inspiration.

Disclaimer: Only you know your Mama. Hopefully she has some hobbies for you to start from but here are some ideas to get you thinking in the home stretch to Mother’s Day.

The Gift of Pampering

This probably sounds generic but moms are classically putting others first and often forget about themselves. When was the last time she did something to treat herself? A manicure-pedicure or massage may be perfect for her.  An at home bath set or scented candle is lovely as well. Another idea would be a session of home cleaning from a maid service. That sounds like some good pampering to me. 😍✨

The Gift of Experience

Does your mom or mother figure enjoy going out and making memories? The older I get, the more I enjoy these kinds of gifts. Tickets to a concert, play or movie she’s been wanting to see is a great present depending on her interests. If she’s outdoorsy a picnic, hike or walk in the park may be in order.

The Gift of Quality Time with You

Did you ever give your mom those coupon books as a kid for Mother’s Day? You’re entitled to 1 free hug, kiss, foot rub etc. I know these are corny but I also think they are so sweet. A nice brunch out, preparing a meal for them or cooking with them and actually having a heart to heart with your mom is a great idea as well. Quality time can mean doing something she enjoys AND focusing on her. Probably not a hunting trip but hey if she’s down with that by all means.

And remember….

Take time to plan.

This may seem like an oxymoron but you can still plan something as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. It may be you present the idea (in detail so it doesn’t look last minute 😉) in a card for Mother’s Day.

Involve the kids!!!!

With my littles, I’m such a sucker for handprint gifts. Now that my little guy is old enough to know what Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are, it’s so cool to see him express himself and how he wants to show love.

Don’t forget the card…

Self explanatory. 😎

Show her you care.

Most importantly whatever you decide to do, show love not obligation. If you give something amazing that she loves with a stinky attitude, then the gift (no matter how thoughtful) may get spoiled. Mother’s Day is a time to say thank you for all of the love that comes from Mom. You only get one and there’s no one like her so if anything be sure to show her how much you love and appreciate her.

Last year my Mother’s Day was extra special because it was the first one after my daughter was born. It was such a neat experience having Mother’s Day with both my kiddos. My husband took us to a new restaurant and I got to take a nap. My son picked out some flowers for me that we planted at our new home.😊

What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day memories of years past as a giver? Or if you’re a mom, receiver? Comment below!

I’ll  also be sharing lessons I’ve learned as a mom later this week so stay tuned.💕