People Need People

April 3, 2017
Pure Worship

One Sunday, about a month ago, I decided to let our son watch my husband play the bass guitar during worship in the sanctuary. Every other Sunday, my husband leaves our house early before church to get to band practice and on those mornings, my son will ask to see him play.

We got to church on time with only one or two instances of crying on the kids part. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for this fact alone. Getting ready for church (or anywhere) with little ones can be quite the task. If this is your season of life right now, you’ve earned a high-five from me.

After the first service ended, the kids and I hung around, talked to friends and had a much-needed snack.┬áBy the time the second service started, my daughter was fussy. I did my best to calm her and was focused on getting her settled when it dawned on me. I didn’t have the extra hands to pick up my son so he could see over the congregation to watch his dad play bass.

In came my dear friend who our family lovingly calls Aunt Donna – though we are not blood related. She gave my little guy a hug, and unprompted, scooped him up into her arms and pointed to my husband while swaying to the music. I could have cried. I took this picture to captured the moment. It may not be the most crisp picture I’ve ever taken but to me it clearly embodies the heart of worship and community.

Going home that day, I was reminded of how much we – humans – need each other. As a mom, I daily appreciate an offer of a stranger to hold the door for me while I get my toddler, infant car seat with baby, and gear through the door so we can be on our way. I’m thankful for family members and friends who offer to hold and entertain my children so I can eat my food or go to the bathroom alone ( a true luxury).

As Christians, we need people too. There are times that I don’t feel like going to church for various reasons – running late, cranky kids, exhaustion etc. Whenever I push past how I’m feeling or what I’m focusing on, I never regret going. I’m blessed with a good word from the Word, encouragement from others and social interactions that help me build friendships. All of these things help me continue to grow and have a full faith experience in my relationship with God.