Rejoice in the Waiting

July 5, 2018

Someone said this to me during my Wednesday night church service last week and it really resonated with me. During the mid-week service I was paired up to pray with an acquaintance. We shared briefly what we were going through, a strained relationship for her and my disappointment at the (slow) progress of a home remodel on my end.  I don’t know her well but I knew that the Lord was using her words to encourage me. When she said “rejoice in the waiting” it really resonated with me and filled me with faith.

Just to recap, my husband and I purchased a home in April of 2017 with the intent of overhauling the majority of the house, aside from the floorplan. We re-did the subflooring in half of the upstairs and ran into an issue with a “sinking” wall in the living/kitchen area. After fixing that and replacing the intended subflooring, we finally moved in October of 2017. Then our heat/air went out in the beginning of January this year and replacing that took away funds from other things we wanted to do at that time. (See ya later granite counter tops. 👋🏿) Now here we are in July, still working on our home, kitchen included. As you can tell it’s been a doozy but there have been a few things that I’ve learned during this time.

It’s okay to be honest. Sometimes thing don’t go the way you plan or in the time frame that you expected. When I have my devotions with the Lord, I tell him just how upset I am about the whole situation as well as my spouse. I also have a few friends that I can really be honest with so I don’t have to post a status on Facebook like, “Having a terrible day!” in hopes that people will ask me what’s wrong. I also try to encourage my friends in situations/hardships that they are going through.

As upset as I can get sometimes, I know that it’s not right for me to withdraw from people just because things aren’t going the way I’d hope. Even though I’m going through something, that doesn’t make it okay for me to shut people out. People need people, myself included.

Lastly, if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that my faith is important to me. I am working on turning to it more and more to sustain me. I don’t always succeed as sometimes I just wallow in my emotions but I’m trying to get better. I was debating on sharing all of this but just felt led to if anyone else is going through a disappointing time. I ran across this in my daily Bible reading plan the other day and pretty much confirmed it.

“If you are going through a set back or disappointment, remember that His purposes for you are ‘good, pleasing and perfect’ (Romans 12:2). Nothing happens without God’s permission. God is in control and in everything he is working for good (Romans 8:28). ”

It’s a process Even though I’m not hosting a bunch of events at my house (my dream) or cooking a regular stove top meal for my family (oh how I miss the joys of a regular ol’ kitchen) or still living in a half unpacked house, I have a lot to be thankful for. God is still good. Our family is healthy and our home though under construction is filled with love (and a lot of noise🙉). Once I get into listing the things that I am thankful for that usually outweighs whatever situation that’s bothering me. There are still good things in store for the future. Evem though I can’t imagine it, we won’t be working on this house forever.

So if this applies to you and your situation in any way shape or form rejoice in the waiting! Enjoy the path God has you on, even if it’s painful and trust that all things are working together for good.

(I know that it’s just a house and I’m spoiled just having a home to live in. Although this is a first world problem, it’s my reality and can be pretty frustrating. 😬)

Romans 8:28 –   And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.