Rheanna Broombaugh: Women in Business

July 15, 2019

July is here which for me means humid muggy weather (at least where I live). It’s not my choice of weather but rolls around this time of year just the same. As a woman of color, there is one thing I look forward to (or even envy) around this time. No, it’s not a specific meal or traveling somewhere (especially being 9 months pregnantšŸ˜“). It’s braids! I’ve loved wearing braids with weave ever since I was a girl. I’ve blogged all about my love of braids here.

I was so thrilled to meet Rheanna Broombaugh, a local hair stylist in Springfield, Missouri that specializes in braiding, last year and thought you might like to know her as well. Since I think braids are gorgeous ESPECIALLY in the summer, I couldn’t think of a better person to add for my Women in Business series that you should get to know.

Rheanna is originally an immigrant from Haiti but has lived in Missouri for the last 16 years. The first time she braided my hair was as a student before a vacation I took with my husband. She did such a phenomenal job and has continued to do braids but is also experienced in haircuts and colors.

She has been interested in doing hair for as long as she can remember. “Ever since I was a kid,” Rheanna recalls, “I had an interest in hair styling and even pretended to do my mother’s hair which led me to my current career field.”. Because of the small community where she lived, there were not a lot of African Americans that could work on her hair she became self taught.

An example of Rheanna’s work.

“What inspired me to be a hairstylist is the creativity embedded within the craft and being able to fulfill my clients’ expectations”, says Rheanna.

And she does just that. I was so pleased with the style she gave me last summer, I’ve even referred a few friends to her as well and all of them have been pleased.

I’m also happy to add that she’ll be doing my hair prior to giving birth to this baby. The last thing I want to think about after having a baby is hair and with this July humidity and hormonal changes, it’ll be a welcome change. I can’t wait to share the latest style that she does for me. I know it’s going to be amazing.

Rheanna typically roughly charges $65 to $100 dollars for braiding shorter hair and $120 – $200 for longer hair. If you are interested in her services please contact her at 573-701-3532 or you can also reach her via Instagram or Facebook. Check her out you guys! You won’t be disappointed!