Stop, Drop & Pray

October 25, 2018

So I was going to use a stock photo for this post but I remembered this picture I took of my son about two and a half years ago. 😍 Since this blog post is about prayer and it’s throwback Thursday, I couldn’t think of a better moment of my sweet boy to share with you. He was so little and time is flying but I digress. Now on to the matter at hand.

The past couple of months have been BUSY. Between July and September, my husband and I went on 3 trips, two of them with our children in a four-week time span. Add this along with life’s regular responsibilities, and I’ve been left feeling pretty burned out. I’ve been trying to take a step back from extra activities and obligations but even then my time has felt maxed out. Not to mention that my 4 year old no longer naps. 😭 I didn’t realize how much I used that time to stop, reset and unwind. I didn’t have to be doing anything special or exciting but I really valued that bit of alone time as both the kids slept. Lately, during the day, I have a max of 30 minutes to myself during my son’s “rest time” which is spent trying to get the house semi-organized, make phone calls uninterrupted and other things that are easier without kids.

To combat my burnout, I’ve become a lot more intentional with having my quiet time, also known as devotions, with the Lord. If you’ve been reading my blog or know me personally, you know that I’m a Christian. Not just a “Christian” but it’s a defining part of me. I’m a person that has the belief in Jesus as my Savior at my core. My relationship with God is the number one thing in my life and has changed my entire life. If that’s not your thing or you’re not interested in this post, please feel free to back out of this blog, otherwise, read on. I don’t apologize for my faith or what I believe but that’s a whole other story.

I was getting to the point in my life, probably within the last month or so, where I was feeling so overwhelmed with my responsibilities that everything was a drag. My husband would come home and I was so drained from parenting, serving, volunteering etc. I would just tell him the bare minimum about my day. (I’m very chatty so that’s abnormal. 😀)

I’ve made it a habit to read my Bible every day but there’s a difference between reading the Bible to check off the “Good Christian” checklist or reading it to refresh yourself. I think I had 10 minutes to myself during a “rest time” and I just prayed over my responsibilities – being a wife, mother, homemaker, friend, daughter, volunteer etc. that were weighing on me. I’m thankful for each one of those things but without having any real rest, they were crushing me.  As I prayed and asked God to help me in each of those areas, I could feel my burden lift. It wasn’t that any of my circumstances changed. I still had all of the same things on my plate but I didn’t feel alone in handling them. I had my ever-present help in time of need God right there with me, comforting me and sustaining me. Sometimes I can be bad about asking for help or reaching out for support. It’s not that I don’t want that but I feel that I need to be doing everything myself (maybe it’s the only child in me) to be successful. Independence isn’t a bad thing but it is when you’ve been treading water for long enough and you’re in dire need of a life jacket before you go under. The feeling that comes knowing that the God of the universe is with you is fulfilling and empowering.

I still have my hard days and moments. (I just texted someone that I’m already having a long week and it’s only Tuesday as I write this post. 🙃) Taking the time to pray & read the Word as a reset is necessary for me. Right now I’m reading The Bible in a year and this year, I’m going to finish it. For real! Right now I’m on day 296. ☺️ It’s not always easy. Sometimes I’ve been up in the night with a sick child or my kids have gotten up before I did but I always endeavor to spend quality time with Him. In the last two months, I’ve spent more time praying over my circumstances and praying for other people. I know that it makes such a difference. If I say I’ll pray for you, I’m going to do it. I know that it’s made an immense difference in my life and I believe it’ll make a difference in yours too.

What about you guys? Do you read the Bible and/or pray regularly? What kind of things do you do to try and spend time with God consistently? Comment below!