The Golden Age of Daddy

June 14, 2019

In recent months, there’s been a change in my household. My kiddos have gotten REALLY into spending time with my husband. Now, this is a big deal because even though my son (now 5) equally enjoyed each of his parents as a baby my daughter was always Team Mommy. From early on if there was a choice between the two of us, she chose me. She was not the snuggliest of babies and has always been more of an independent spirit, wanting to do things herself. This isn’t a bad quality at all but a bit of a bummer if you are a fan of extra cuddly babies. (I just went through excruciating pain and sleep deprivation for you, the least you could do is let me hold you a little longer. 😂)

I think this is from last summer but look at the love my daughter has in her eyes for her father. 💕 I can’t handle it!

The other day my daughter unpromptedly said, “I miss my Daddy. I love giving him hugs and kisses.”. Oh, how times have changed! 😍💖 As my son has gotten older I’ve noticed that he is also more into his dad asking him questions about what he’s doing or how things work. And of course, he loves to play videogames and Legos with him. (I’ll play them with him too but I don’t have the same enthusiasm.🙂)

One of my favorite things about my husband is how hands on he is with our kiddos. Like Halloween last year when we were unexpectedly given a fish and he took the time with my son to help him set up the tank.

When this first started to happen, I briefly got a tad jealous. (It’s fun to be the favorite.) But then I realized how much of a blessing it is that my kids love and want to be with their dad. Not only is my husband there for his kids financially – which is great – but he also invests in them by giving of his time and energy as he builds lasting relationships with them. Not to mention, we’re having another baby next month so the more the kiddos enjoy their dad the better transition it is for all of us as I’m busy feeding and tending to this new nugget.

For girls, they are their first love and for boys an example of what being a man is. Not to mention they teach both genders how a woman should be treated. Dads are such an important part of our culture and cannot be replaced. I personally don’t think they get their true due especially with all of those, “idiot dad” commercials where they look completely incompetent. 🙄 (Do these annoy anyone else?)

I love being a mom but I do my best not to take for granted the energy and effort that goes into being a great dad. If you know an awesome dad, be sure to recognize him on Father’s Day. They are not always easy to come by.