The Joy of Journaling

January 10, 2022

In 2022, I’m taking time to get back to some of the things I love that bring joy into my life – like blogging. 😊 Another is writing in my journal. Sometime in elementary school, I started keeping a diary. I don’t remember when exactly but I’ve always loved writing out my feelings. When I was younger, like most girls, I would write about my day or whatever melodrama was happening in my life.

These days there are so many different types of ways to journal. There are gratitude journals to help a person focus on what they are thankful for based on different prompts. There are journals and companion guides that go along with books to have the reader think more about its concepts. There are devotional journals to assist the writer’s deep dive into The Bible. That’s just scratching the surface of all the options out there.

Although I briefly thought about getting a gratitude journal, I stuck with my tried and true method of journaling that I have done for years. Most days – I’m not going to say every day because that’s not true  – I like to take time to write a bit if I can about what’s going on in my world. Kind of like I did back in elementary school but less dramatic. The start of my day or at the end seems to be the best time for me.

I often go to my journal when I feel upset. It’s one of my favorite ways to process my emotions. Okay, so I’m upset about x,y, or z. This is what happened but why is that bothering me? What is the root issue? After getting out my initial reaction and processing it, I go back to a place of gratitude. Even though this is situation is hard, I’m so blessed to have this person/situation in my life. Sometimes, I write about what I’m learning from that moment in time. I find that if I end my entry on a positive note, I can go back into the real world with a better mindset. But I don’t always do that. Sometimes, I just get out my grievances. Sometimes, I write out plans and goals for a day or weekend. Sometimes I write out prayers. It all just depends on what I want to do at the moment. Whatever I decide is fine because it’s my journal and there are no rules.

In the very busy last few months of 2021, I lost my journal. I keep the same one all year and didn’t want to bother writing in a new one. I was preoccupied with other tasks anyway but I missed journaling. The calm that comes over me when I’ve been holding on to something that I finally need to release is freeing. The peace that I’ve found as I sort out and process everything that’s been in my mind is such a treasure to me. I have volumes of journals from before I have kids to before I was married; however, I don’t go back and read them. Mainly because I get so caught up my the present that I forget to look back at my past.

For Christmas, one of my children got me a new journal. 💓 I was thrilled because I really needed it. It’s been so nice to get back in the groove of journaling. It is my place I go to vent. Sometimes, I like it better than talking to people when I don’t want anybody else’s opinions. When I just want to get out my feelings. Setting free what’s been bottled up in my own personal, private way. The intimacy of journaling is like none other.

Do you like to journal? Or do you have another tried and true way to process your emotions? Tell me below!