Women in Business

November 20, 2018

Back from 2010-2012, my husband and I had a business that we purchased. It offered online and on-site training for an electronic health record company.  Our plan was to buy this business and work it as a source of income while my husband did his own IT business on the side. Eventually, his IT business would replace the revenue stream from the business we had bought and we would sell it. Long story short the business we purchased failed as the main company that we were training for went with a service that was even cheaper than what we were paying our trainers.😓

We couldn’t compete. The goal for us was to start a family during this time and for me to become a stay at home parent.  😥 After it failed, my husband and I went back to being employees. We still have dreams of doing business and projects in the future. (My husband is such a creative dreamer in the best possible way.) Eventually, things worked out, we had our first child in 2014.

I got to stay home and discovered my own passion for writing in 2015 and started this blog. Becoming a blogger is a dream of mine as well as some other related opportunities that I’m very excited to share with you soon. I have such a passion for female entrepreneurship and chasing dreams. I’ve mentioned (more than once) that I’m cheap but I am always (if it’s within my budget) willing to part with my husband’s hard earned dollars when I know they are going to a woman that is pursuing her goals, especially if she’s a mama because then she has TWO jobs. I’m a champion of my fellow woman. It’s so fun for me to watch my friends shine and achieve their dreams.

I’m so thrilled to be starting a new blog series on my page called Women in Business. I know so many cool ladies that have started businesses recently and are absolutely KILLING it! I love what they are doing so much that I decided to share them with you. Once a month, I’ll feature a female friend of mine and her business. The first one is in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited to introduce her to you. Get excited! Ladies, I hope you’ll be inspired and driven to follow whatever dreams you may have after hearing these stories. ❤️